These are the winners for the xRTML contest. We had a lot more entries but, unfortunately, a lot of them did not comply with the rules or were a mere webpage with a xRTML tag, which we can not accept as an "application.

Congratulations to the winners, which we will contact by email. Great job!

We also want to thank our judges for their help and for being part of this competition. Thanks!


1st Prize

Wireless Headphones - Beats by Dr. Dre

Sublime Text Licenses

2nd and 3rd Prizes

Jambox by Jawbone

Sublime Text Licenses


  • Peter Lubbers Google Author, Pro HTML5 Programming, 2nd Edition (Apress, 2011)
  • Sérgio Costa Realtime Developer Evangelist
  • Richard Davey Photon Storm
  • Daniel Filho IG Front-End developer
  • Sam Wierema Senior developer at The Next Web, organiser at Kings of Code
Peter Lubbers lives and breathes HTML5. Yes, even his car has the ‘HTML5’ license plate! Peter is the co-author of Pro HTML5 Programming (2nd Ed. Apress, 2011) and the founder of the San Francisco HTML5 User Group, the largest HTML5 User Group in the world with over 5,000 members.

Peter works at Google as a global programs manager in the Chrome Developer Relations team, spreading HTML5 and Open Web goodness. Prior to that he headed up the HTML5 training division at Kaazing. Prior to joining Kaazing, Peter worked as an information architect at Oracle, where he wrote many books and developed documentation publication automation systems. Three of his automation inventions are patented.

A native of the Netherlands, Peter served as a Special Forces commando in the Royal Dutch Green Berets. In his spare time Peter likes jumping out of planes, bungee-jumping, and running ultra-marathons. He is the three-time winner of the Tahoe Super Triple marathon. Peter lives on the edge of the Tahoe National Forest and loves to run around Lake Tahoe (preferably in one go).
Sérgio has been working on web technologies since 1999, where he has a vast experience, being involved in a plethora of different projects, mainly in the area of e-commerce. He oversaw the early R&D for the Realtime technology and was involved on the initial prototypes for xRTML and PowerMarketing.

Sérgio is very passionate about realtime and the possibilities it provides to both companies and developers and believes it will change the way we use the internet. New and exciting opportunities are now in reach of developers and he couldn't be happier to be one of the people involved in it from the beginning.
Richard has been making games and demos since he typed in his first 8-bit code listing decades ago. Since the birth of the internet he has spent his professional life dedicated to getting the most from web technologies. He is extremely excited at seeing both these passions come full circle and explores them on his site
Daniel Filho is a front end programmer focused on the development of interfaces, interactions and experience in web and mobile applications, always working on improving HTML, CSS and JavaScript performance. He also contributes to several open-source projects.
Sam has been a developer for 10 years, specialising in scaling PHP applications and infrastructures. He also organises and manages Kings of Code, a range of events for developers. When he's not running around for Kings of Code, or hacking something cool, he works as a senior developer at The Next Web, a leading international tech blog, working on applications such as Twitter Counter and Paydro.

About xRTML

xRTML (Extensible Realtime Multiplatform Language) is a layer of the Realtime framework that will bring your company’s skillset to the world of Web 3.0, giving you easy access to the most recent technologies to push information, provided by ORTC.

With this very simple and unobtrusive library your technical teams will have, instantly at their hands, the power to make your websites and pages become “alive”. They will be able to quickly add a component that allows the push of a news article to a page, another to dynamically create a voting poll, or even have the most up-to-date stock exchange information.

When developing interactive products, your technical teams will only have to worry about what is the logic that makes sense for your business. Our library takes away the hassle of the technical details by providing a large set of out-of-the-box components ready to put your product together. But xRTML is more than just a set of components that you can use in conjunction with HTML, it is a fully fledged part of the Realtime® framework that allows you to build your own tags by extending existing ones or creating new components in a structured and guided manner.

By taking advantage of the know-how in real-time technologies that we have put into our library and server-side Application Programming Interfaces, you will make your product more appealing whilst optimizing the time-to-market. Our vision is that, by using a basic component like for example a Repeater, you can unleash the power of Realtime® on your website in no time and use your own creativity to turn it into something amazing.

xRTML covers most of the widely used platforms and languages, enabling the simple creation of integrated Realtime solutions in whichever environment you are targeting. This gives you a horizontally scalable technology that will enable a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android device to communicate with a web page and interpret the same data structure. Making it transversal, from JavaScript to common server-side languages such as JAVA, .NET or PHP. Additionally, some plugins are also available for some of the most used CMSs (e.g. Wordpress and Joomla).

xRTML Resources

Learn all about xRTML and how to start working with Realtime® right now! Once you register, you can read our interactive tutorials and read our documentation.

In case you need some more help you can contact us or post on our Google Group.

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